Monday, 13 November 2017

Boss Baby...

Guess who's back?!

Long time no speak eh?! Sorry it's been like a month since i posted on here but my health took a couple steps backwards, my Youtube got crazy again and so sadly it became harder and harder to shoot stuff for the old bloggy blog. But I'm back!

This was a bit of a biggie too. I went out onto a pretty busy street and shot this all by myself. Since i've been unwell my boyf has helped me with all of my blog shoots just because I really struggle to carry everything I need and walk too far and yeah its just complicated but today I did it! And I'm actually super proud of myself for it because I reeeealllyyyy didnt want to. lol. Like I did want to but I was scared I wouldnt be able to. But look at me all independent and capable.

Fun fact: I ordered this suit 3 times!!!! Firstly, it came and was way too big. Then it came and the sizes were wrong and 3rd time lucky I finally had my suit of dreams and let me tell you, this baby is versatile! I love wearing the trousers with jumpers or shirts and the jacket with jeans and skirts or all together as a suit with a simple tee like you see here or with a fancier top for evening wear. It's bloody great!

You all know I am all about clothes that make you feel good and this suit makes me feel like a boss, baby!!!

So aside from wanting to have a lil catch up with you all I also wanted to kinda give you a little pep talk on this Monday morning. I don't know about you but I have been feeling super beaten down by social media recently. It just all feels very heavy and for women especially atm, quite terrifying. So, heres something a little more light hearted to break up all of the scary (but neccessary) chats happening on social media rn...

Start your week by wearing something you feel bloody fabulous! Wear that boss bitch suit to work, wear that fabulous dress for drinks, wear your fave jammies that you feel super cute in if you're staying at home. Just whatever makes you feel positive. Put it on that body! And if you have to go to work/school and wear a uniform...put it on when you get home! Even if you put your fave dress on and have a lil dance around your room. Honestly, I do that on the regs.

Secondly, if there is something your heart is longing to do but for whatever reason you have been putting off. Maybe try it today. Or at least take a step towards doing it. I really thought my days of going out shooting blog photos alone were behind me because of my health constraints but I did it. It was hard, but I did it. I'm not trying to be one of those "if i can do this then you can too" bloggers because everyones limitations and situations are different but even if today you work on changing your mindset to being more positive about that thing you wana achieve. Thats something!

And lastly, take some pressure off. You're doing better than you think! You're wonderful. Social media is so amazing but it can get you feeling as though you're behind in some sort of life race. Everyones timelines are different though and a goal reached in 10 years time is still a goal reached. So today, don't be too hard on yourself. Mondays are hard enough. The world is hard enough right now. You're doing great sweetie.

As a parting message to anyone reading. Be nice to the women in your life today. Be nice to fat people today. Be nice to people of colour today. They deserve it, especially when the world/social media is the way it is currently. 
Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Peace & Love xxx

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Witchy Vibes...


I bloody love this look! And I LOOOVE the location we shot it at!!!! I was feeling very witchy, ethereal, woodland nymph. 

In fact, I really wanted to come back to this woods to shoot my Halloween Lookbook but for the first time in years Im not actually making one *sob* Heres why...

I just reaaaallly haven't been inspired by the Halloween clothes put out this year :( For those of you who don't know, my Halloween Lookbook goes up on my Youtube Channel every year and consists of Halloween themed "normal" clothes as opposed to a load of fancy dress items. I just have always prefered to do it that way because I often only have 1 costume per year but the Halloween slogan tees and jumpers and leggings I love to rock all season long. This year though theres just nothing that i HAD to have. 

It has actually made me really sad because I usually love my Halloween Lookbooks. I love planning them and making them and I love your reactions to them but I couldn't justify buying a load of random items that I weren't even really enamoured with.

Plus I put more effort than ever before into this years Autumn Lookbook because, as I've said on here a million times now,  I have been super inspired by the Autumn clothes out this year and I worked so hard on it and it hasnt really done that well on my channel so it can be quite disheartening!

However, I still wanted to produce something kinda festive for you guys because I think alot of you love Halloween like I do so I when I put this outfit on and felt super witchy I was like right off we go to the creepy woods with my camera!

So I really hope you like this post, the outfit and the shots we got. I am really happy with them. I know theres more photos than usual but I couldnt wittle it down anymore, we found a few different locations in the woods and I loved how they all turned out so i hope you dont mind!

If you are interested in helping a sister out, please do go and watch my Autumn Lookbook, this outfit is actually featured in it and theres some stunning shots of it in there! You can watch that here and feel free to Subscribe if you havent already! I make 2 new videos every week and I just adore it!

Funny story, I actually originally planned to wear this with some glittery silver heeled boots but my joints and feet were so bad that day that I honestly couldnt even walk in them. Heartbreaking. So i wacked on these biker boots and i actually really loved the way it looked together! The contrast of this pretty dress with the boots covered in hardware just felt really cool to me and actually its something ive done for as long as i can remember- wearing dresses with boots.

So I hope you like the witchy vibes as much as i do! If you guys would like me to put a post together of the few Halloween themed items that I do really like then let me know and I will of course do that for you all :)

Peace & Love xxx

Monday, 9 October 2017

Fishnets and hoop earrings...

Hey guys!

Not feeling particularly wordy today, hope you dont mind! Think its because I'm PMS'ing so have spent the last few days on a rollercoaster of rage. tears and stress so I'm just exhausted. Plus the boyf is back on nights so I'm not getting much sleep at all. But I still wanted to share this lil outfit post with you all because I'm just really loving my blog all over again and I hope you are too!

Peace & Love xxx