Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Witchy Vibes...


I bloody love this look! And I LOOOVE the location we shot it at!!!! I was feeling very witchy, ethereal, woodland nymph. 

In fact, I really wanted to come back to this woods to shoot my Halloween Lookbook but for the first time in years Im not actually making one *sob* Heres why...

I just reaaaallly haven't been inspired by the Halloween clothes put out this year :( For those of you who don't know, my Halloween Lookbook goes up on my Youtube Channel every year and consists of Halloween themed "normal" clothes as opposed to a load of fancy dress items. I just have always prefered to do it that way because I often only have 1 costume per year but the Halloween slogan tees and jumpers and leggings I love to rock all season long. This year though theres just nothing that i HAD to have. 

It has actually made me really sad because I usually love my Halloween Lookbooks. I love planning them and making them and I love your reactions to them but I couldn't justify buying a load of random items that I weren't even really enamoured with.

Plus I put more effort than ever before into this years Autumn Lookbook because, as I've said on here a million times now,  I have been super inspired by the Autumn clothes out this year and I worked so hard on it and it hasnt really done that well on my channel so it can be quite disheartening!

However, I still wanted to produce something kinda festive for you guys because I think alot of you love Halloween like I do so I when I put this outfit on and felt super witchy I was like right off we go to the creepy woods with my camera!

So I really hope you like this post, the outfit and the shots we got. I am really happy with them. I know theres more photos than usual but I couldnt wittle it down anymore, we found a few different locations in the woods and I loved how they all turned out so i hope you dont mind!

If you are interested in helping a sister out, please do go and watch my Autumn Lookbook, this outfit is actually featured in it and theres some stunning shots of it in there! You can watch that here and feel free to Subscribe if you havent already! I make 2 new videos every week and I just adore it!

Funny story, I actually originally planned to wear this with some glittery silver heeled boots but my joints and feet were so bad that day that I honestly couldnt even walk in them. Heartbreaking. So i wacked on these biker boots and i actually really loved the way it looked together! The contrast of this pretty dress with the boots covered in hardware just felt really cool to me and actually its something ive done for as long as i can remember- wearing dresses with boots.

So I hope you like the witchy vibes as much as i do! If you guys would like me to put a post together of the few Halloween themed items that I do really like then let me know and I will of course do that for you all :)

Peace & Love xxx

Monday, 9 October 2017

Fishnets and hoop earrings...

Hey guys!

Not feeling particularly wordy today, hope you dont mind! Think its because I'm PMS'ing so have spent the last few days on a rollercoaster of rage. tears and stress so I'm just exhausted. Plus the boyf is back on nights so I'm not getting much sleep at all. But I still wanted to share this lil outfit post with you all because I'm just really loving my blog all over again and I hope you are too!

Peace & Love xxx

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Day Dreamin & Mixing it up...

Hey lovelies!

Just wanted to share with you guys some stuff that I've been loving recently since these photos encapsulate alot of them and my last few posts have been quite intense. Time for something a little more chilled and happy me thinks...

The first thing I have been absolutely loving recently is being outdoors. I just want to live in the woods at the moment lol! I had to basically hibernate all Summer because of all my sun induced Lupus symptoms but I am an outdoors girl at heart and so the second the weather cooled off i was running around in the grass with the trees and urgh i just adore it. I feel so calm and content in nature and I have missed it so much so it feels so good to be back!

I've been loving fashion over the last month or so. Really since the Autumn/Winter stuff started making a comeback. I just always find Autumnal clothes more inspiring and exciting and I have always been more comfy in cosy clothes than in thin ones for Summer.

Blogging! As you can tell since I've made a lil comeback here on the old blog, I have just really got my passion back for blogging. I do think its all tied into my health issues again because if you look back I think i last blogged in May and then I've picked it back up again in September- skipping those hot Summer months where i felt so unwell and uninspired! I hope you're all glad to have me back :)

Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as i can remember and i think it all goes hand in hand that ive been feeling better, ive been inspired by fashion again and ive got my blogging mojo back but I have just been attached to my camera recently! I got it like 6 years ago and it is still my favourite thing that I own! I love wandering around taking photos and filming. It feeds my creative soul.

As you can see with this outfit (which i am OBSESSED with btw) I have been loving a bit of good old fashioned pattern clashing! Grabbing things that wouldnt neccesarily ordinarily be put together and wearing them together has made all of my recent outfits feel fresh again and I am loving it.

As well as clashing patterns I am loving mixing textures together in one look. Fluffy jumper, tough hardware on boots, fake leather, soft tartan skirt. I just think mixing textures adds interest to what could be a pretty basic look.

I just feel more "me" recently. I do believe that is because of all of these things. Getting your passions back after months of feeling bored and down is so refreshing its given me a new lease of life! And I am trying to take full advantage of it! Getting out with my camera in nature as much as possible. Making more of an effort with my outfits every day and paying attention to details like pattern clashes and mixed textures. And, of course, blogging it all for you guys to read!

I hope you have enjoyed todays post. What have you been loving recently? To see more from me come and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @Jessica_Chelsey and Subscribe to my Youtube channel here and find me on Facebook by searching Jessica Chelsey Blog :)

Peace & Love ya'll xxx